North Node Astrology; Rediscovering Your Life Direction and Soul Purpose


I do astrology readings by phone and in-person. They are about an hour long, and I send you your charts and a recording of our session. I use the birth and transit charts as well as paying special attention the the North and South Nodes. I ask for an email letter ahead of our session so I can focus on your particular concerns and questions. Readings are $150 and can usually be done within a week. All Info to set up a reading is here on my website  if you click my name: 

North Node Astrology:

Professional astrologer and Jungian psychotherapist, Elizabeth Spring, weaves together the astrological wisdom of the North and South Nodes along with insights on life transits and passages, from twenty five years experience as an astrologer. There are detailed explanations of how to find and understand your own karmic Nodes as well as the life-changing transits that impact your life direction, soul purpose, career and relationships.


The Books


Astrology for the Third Act of Life

     "Astrology for the Third Act of Life" Elizabeth uses astrology, Jungian psychology, and memoir to help you understand your Midlife and later life transits. By learning the transits of each age you'll more deeply understand the opportunities and challenges from age forty on...and know how to thrive in mid-life, rather than just survive....Interested? Find what's happening at your age! Click on "Buy Now" for amazon direct line to read reviewsand "Look Inside the Book". All Books available in Paperback, Kindle, and Audible.

Astrologer Steven Forrest's review of "Astrology for the Third Act of Life"
        "Elizabeth's given those of us who past mid-life a lovely, poetic -- and ultimately encouraging -- road map for the years ahead. What I like best is that she's done it honestly too, without taking cheap refuge in any happy-face platitudes. I am always delighted to see astrology presented in such an intelligent way instead of being saddled with the usual market-place trivialities."  (Available on in paperback, Kindle, and Audible: direct link: ) .                               

North Node Astrology: Rediscovering Your Life Direction and Soul Purpose

Using the chart within the book, find out your Nodes and the explanation of what they mean! This is Elizabeth's best selling book, and includes chapters on many other aspects of life and astrology as well. For example:
       Elizabeth’s heart-felt chapter on the "Astrology of Menopause" in North Node Astrology has been re-published around the world, and the humorous chapter "Cocktails and Karma" explores the bridging between astrologers, ministers, and therapists. The “Family Karmic Inheritance” inspires a compassionate view on family relationships. The book is written for those who are new to astrology as well as for students of astrology who want a deeper look at the Nodes as well as Saturn Returns, the Uranus Opposition, and Neptune and Pluto transits.

       Endorsed by Jungian author Jim Hollis and evolutionary astrologer Steven Forrest North Node Astrology is a book that is a reference book as well as a collection of articles that shed light on unconscious motivations. It's been called "an inspiring guide for transmuting the grace and grit of life into the gold of personal success and healing".

Curious? Not sure what book to get? Elizabeth's blog and articles are here:  On this site you can read about your Nodes and learn what they tell you about your life direction and soul purpose.  For those of you who are less comfortable in navigating around blogs, the North Node Astrology book contains everything on the Nodes from the blog as well as all the insights on life passages and transits that Elizabeth has learned from  over 28 years as a professional astrologer. (You might not need an astrology reading; you might just want to read the book!)

Lifting the Veil; Becoming Your Own Best Astrologer

Are you interested in understanding the soul language of astrology--in a simple and direct way? Do you want to understand some of the basics you might have missed? And then take it to the next level? Or even becoming an astrologer yourself?

 "Lifting the Veil; Becoming Your Own Best Astrologer" may be perfect for you! You can find this book and read reviews on amazon by clicking on the book above or by clicking HERE   

Saturn Returns; The Private Papers of a Reluctant Astrologer

The Saturn Returns, at ages 29 and 59, profoundly changes everyones life. Drawing on her experiences as an astrologer and memoir writer, Elizabeth has created an inspiring story of 2 women going through their Saturn Returns: Isabelle age 59 and Sophie age 29. There is also a non-fiction section where you can learn about Saturn in your chart and life. Written for astrologers and non-astrologers alike, this book can be an inspiration to help you move through one of life's toughest transitions.

Sweet Synchronicity; Finding Annie Besant, Discovering Krishnamurti

This book is both biography and memoir. This true story is based on the lives of Annie Besant, Krishnamurti and the author. What happens when you discover a person in history whose life radically changes yours? What happens when your beliefs in reincarnation, synchronicity and fate come alive? Annie Besant was a woman whose life story was erased in history, but Elizabeth has brought Annie and Krishnamurti to life again in a most unusual way. 

Additional Information

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